2020 Crop Progress

Usually, this conversation would be had over beers.  Here is the latest and greatest from our Director of Procurement, Whitney Thompson, bringing it to you straight from our growers to your ears (or should I say ‘eyes’). 

Something that everyone wants to know at this time of year is “How’s that crop looking?”

Have no fear, we’ve got you covered    #crop2020

Growers are reporting a high percentage of winter survival for Puffin across the region.  There are minor reports of plant death due to ponding issues in low lying or poor draining fields. Southern/Central Ohio and Indiana have finalized tillering and jointing is beginning to occur. Rolled up flag leaves are visible and it won’t be long until full emergence. Nitrogen applications are nearly complete in the Northern part of Ohio and Michigan. The rain events have made some of this timing a challenge, but most growers have been able to apply successfully.

Quick debrief below on the major takeaways–

1) We have received reports of lush-green growing barley among a majority of our growers. We anticipate that harvest will begin in about 7 – 8 weeks in our southern planting region.

2) Barley is a natural nitrogen scavenger, but there is only so much available in the soil when the plant needs it. By applying a small amount of Nitrogen and other nutrients, as required, when the plant starts to become green from the winter, this sets the plant up for proper plant growth and, ultimately, grain production.

3) We are hopeful that mother nature and grower’s practices allow the plant to continue through to a successful harvest with an ample supply of malting quality barley.

We will be continuing #Crop2020 updates through harvest so stay tuned!


Beverage Master Craft Spirits & Brew Magazine— April 2020

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