We respect quality and place a great value on transparency and sharing exactly what goes into making our malt.

We’re redefining what is possible in a globally connected, locally driven supply chain. Quality, risk management and supply chain traceability is top of mind in order to achieve this. What’s ours is yours: our growers, our lab, our team.

Intentional Procurement

We know every supplier is different. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about sourcing, handling, and quality parameters of our raw materials—being transparent about where your barley comes from is imperative to our partnership. Origin Malt and the farming families within our supply chain are committed to delivering the highest quality grain, grown regionally in an effort to contribute to a sustainable agricultural economy within a 300 mile radius of our partners.


Growing Practices

We want to start our process on the right foot. That means collaborating with our farming partners on growing practices that target a reduced environmental footprint. Along with best practices, pre-planting, mid crop, and pre- and post-harvest meetings—we make sure our growers have access to the best research in agronomy, plant pathology as well as our network of expert seedsmen and women.


Tailored products  

Our customization capabilities can provide one-of-a-kind malt for the unique specifications of our brewing and distilling partners. Origin Malt is committed to quality,  consistency, and transparency in order to craft the best malt for our partners—you will always know what goes into the product and where it originates. Origin Malt values an open network of communication and partnership with all our partners, regardless of size or categories of business. We believe in clear communication and a shared partnership.



Educational opportunities

We believe that education not only enables better partnerships but a more well-rounded understanding and appreciation for malt as a pillar to making better beer and spirits.  Origin Malt offers collaboration and education opportunities for all our partners— empowering them with the knowledge and ability to select the best malt products for your brewing and distilling needs.

Better partnerships and processes

Become a part of the movement, from Seed to Sip.

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Better partnerships and processes

Become a part of the movement, from Seed to Sip.

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