With a deep respect for agriculture and the history of malting and growing barley in the Midwest, we put barley first

Over 100 years ago, barley production in Ohio exceeded 350,000 acres. By the 1920s when Prohibition came into effect, farmers no longer had a market outlet for barley and made economically-driven decisions to transition their crops to mostly corn, soybeans, and wheat. As a result of these changes, the institutional knowledge of growing barley in our region declined significantly and less than 500 acres of barley was cultivated in this region for malting until recently.


Bringing Barley Back

Ryan Lang and Victor Thorne, Origin Malt co-founders, discovered that there was a significant void of high-quality local malting barley in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions. They sought out Dr. Eric Stockinger, Ph.D. from Ohio State University and also an avid homebrewer.  With Eric’s expertise, they began exploring the viability of finding a regionally sustainable malting-barley variety. The next step was vetting and establishing the agricultural supply chain to support it.

Malting quality barley is unique in that the barley variety must be suitable for farmers, maltsters and brewers. Upon determining that Puffin was appropriate in all facets of ultimately making delicious craft beer and spirits, Ryan and Victor moved forward with their plan to bring a malthouse back to the region and created Origin Malt as it is known today.


Beginning with LCS Puffin, Origin Malt holds the license to this highly sought-after variety so as to insure the purity and growing practices that impact its supply to customers. Puffin has proved to be excellent for Origin’s directly contracted family farms and has yielded great malting and brewing results.


Focused on innovation, Origin Malt already has new varieties beginning to be increased, alongside university barley breeding and agronomic research partnerships. Due to Origin’s highly talented seed producers and barley growers across the Great Lakes region and Midwest—Origin has successfully increased acreage year after year and began contract malting and selling products to customers in 2017.

Better partnerships and processes

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Better partnerships and processes

Become a part of the movement, from Seed to Sip.

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