Light Munich


Warm and toasted nut character providing a great malty backbone but light in color.


Great as a portion of your base malt or as a specialty malt.


Full malt flavor, light amber hue and produces excellent darker lagers and ales and perfect for your European style fest beers.


25kg/55lb bags available direct. For other options contact


  • Variety 100% Puffin
  • Protein <11.5
  • Thru (max) <1.5
  • Color (SRM) 4-8
  • Moisture (max) 4.5
  • FGDB >78
  • Plump (%) >75
  • FAN 120-150
Technical specs

Over the past year, I've used several thousand pounds of Origin 2-row and will gladly use several more. Not only does it have the specs and flavor profile I'm looking for in a domestic base malt, but it is also allows me to reinvest in Ohio. Now I don't have to make the choice between a quality 2-row and a local one.

Charlie Hutchins, Father John's Brewing Company

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Light Munich

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