Pilsen Malt


Pale straw in color, with aromas of cracker and almond. This malt is excellent for lagers and pilsners imparting the classic characteristics of a European-style Pilsen malt made with high quality regionally grown barley.


Great as your base malt and shines in your classic Kolsch, Pilsners, Lagers, and Ales.


Balanced malt flavor, light yellow straw hue and produces excellent Kolsch, Pilsners, and Lagers.


25kg/55lb bags available direct. For other options contact


  • Variety 100% Puffin
  • Protein <11.5
  • Thru (max) <1.5
  • Color (SRM) 1.4-1.8
  • Moisture (max) 4.5
  • FGDB >78
  • Plump (%) >75
  • FAN 120-150
Technical specs

As a new brewery we are striving to make the highest quality product with the highest quality ingredients, while being mindful of overall costs and environmental footprint. Origin Malt provided us with a superior malt to any we were using at a better value. Additionally, their values in agriculture align completely with our love of the great outdoors.

Bruce Vivian, Co-Owner and Brewer-Nocterra Brewing Co.

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Pilsen Malt

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