Research Partnership Updates

We are proud to have longstanding partnerships with both Ohio State and Michigan State.

Ohio State is actively working on growth habits and winter hardiness for Ohio grown barley, pest pressure, double cropping with soybeans as well as multiple varietal trials for Origin Malt. Michigan State is focused on both spring and winter varietal trials for Michigan, fungicide application trials, as well as running varietal trials for Origin Malt.

The varietal trials being performed by both Universities will help Origin Malt diversify our portfolio to allow options for our brewers based on their individual needs. These varieties are in their first year of trials and we hope to be able to share more information in the very near future.

Additionally, our region has other university researchers and programs specific to supporting malting barley success in our neighboring states.

This includes the work of Dr. Mark Sorells at Cornell, Dr. Carl Griffey at Virginia Tech and Dr. Gregory Roth at Penn State. Their programs focus on the development of winter malt barley varieties for the Eastern US, malting quality and varieties for NY and development of educational materials on malting barley quality for farmers.  These three categories are critical in helping the success of farmers’ production and create a network of academic support.

the due diligence by all of these researchers and institutions is critical for the success of malting barley varieties in an ever-changing climate and to truly shorten our industry’s supply chain–from seed to sip.

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates during harvest as we report back on the accomplishments and field results across the region and from our research partners.


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