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Origin Malt is proud to be a diverse team and we find it inspiring to connect with so many hard-working women in our industry and the allied fields that surround it. Our series of posts you may have seen on social, known as the “Woman behind the Beer” series, will be making its appearance here on the blog with the intention to share a bit more with you and provide an opportunity to hear from some of the outstanding women in our industry.

For our first post in this series, we are excited to introduce our first #womanbehindthebeer



1.  Tell us about yourself and your background.  

-Professional background in corporate retail, product development and raw material sourcing. Specializing in fabric, yarns and metal components.  Vendor relations, supply chain analysis, etc.

-Professional raft guide going on 16 years, worked in ski industry, lover of all things outdoors.

2.  How long have you been in your current industry?

-Officially, our brewery has been open to the public for 4 months, we started working on this project over 4 years ago, beginning with concept, planning, brand strategy, etc.

3.  What drew you to this industry?

-We were craft beer lovers, but Jolly Pumpkin Oro De Calabaza is the reason we started home brewing.

-Opening a brewery was the culmination of multiple life events.  Come have a beer and we can discuss

4.  When you’re not focused on your day job, what do you like to do in your free time?


5.  What should people know about being a woman in your industry?

– You can’t take for granted that equality or perceived equality is intuitive.  You may have to be more vocal or more of a participant in creating balance but just because the framework doesn’t exist or isn’t refined doesn’t mean you don’t have coworkers who support equality.  It’s just not intuitive

6.  What is your favorite local beer or brewery?

-Assuming not my own………..(Nocterra…..cough cough…) Seventh Son Humulus Nimbus is a solid go to

7.  Is there anything else you would like to share with Origin Malt consumers on social media?

-Drink Local!



We love sharing the stories of our fellow hard-working women. We will continue to share the full interviews with all of our colleagues featured in the #womanbehindthebeer series. If you know of a brilliant woman that works in the industry or any of the allied trades that support brewing and distilling, please feel free to nominate them via our contact form!

Columbus Business First— November 2019

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